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The Coming Kingdom of the Messiah, by Anthony Buzzard
A thorough consideration of the Bible's promise of a peaceful and secure new world.

Systematic Theology by Alva Huffer
Covers virtually every aspect of Christian living and doctrine that is essential for service to God and neighbor and for salvation.

Prophecies of the End of the Age by James Mattison.
This is a 20 chapter, in-depth study of the prophecies concerning the changing from this Age of Man to the Coming Age of the Kingdom of God on earth at Christ's coming.

The Life of a Country-Boy Preacher by James Mattison
This is the story of a country boy who loved God and wanted to serve Him.  It recounts his life's adventures through childhood, Bible College, marriage, pastoring for 40 years and African mission work for 12 years.  It shows how, as he sought God, God blessed him and made him into a servant whom God was able to use.